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Everything to do with the XuLA FPGA board: schematics, layout, firmware, example FPGA designs, documentation, etc.
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XuLA FPGA Board Repository

This repo integrates everything for the XuLA FPGA board into one place:

Here's where you'll find the schematic and PCB layout stored as Eagle 5 files.

This contains the firmware for the microcontroller that manages the XuLA USB interface.

This is the boot code that manages the reflashing of the uC firmware over the USB link.
This is the code that runs during normal operations of the XuLA board. It manages the interface between the FPGA and the USB link.
Some example FPGA designs for the XuLA are stored in here. (You can find others in the StickIt! repository under the subdirectories for the modules they support.)
Look in here for the source of the XuLA manual and other supporting documentation.
This is a random, grab-bag of stuff.
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