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This is the dev repo for:


I have added the script/excel2csv script to this repo. It does not exist in the CPAN version.

The improvements of excel2csv are:

  • supports xlsx files
  • handles character encodings much better
  • the options make more sense

excel2csv usage

By default, the CSV output goes to STDOUT:

excel2csv --file file.xlsx > file.csv

You can also save to a file directly:

excel2csv --file file.xlsx --output file.csv

Or even write to STDERR:

excel2csv --file file.xlsx --output STDERR

By default, the CSV file will be in the UTF-8 encoding. You can change the encoding:

excel2csv --file file.xlsx --output_encoding CP1252 --output file_cp1252.csv

It can also autmatically trim whitespace from around all cell values:

excel2csv --file file.xlsx --trim

Use the --sheet option to read from a sheet/tab other than the first one. The following will pull from sheet 2:

excel2csv --file file.xlsx --sheet 2

You do not have to pass the --file and --output option keys. The first non-keyed option will be used as the filename, and the second non-keyed option will be the output. Other keyed options can still be passed in:

excel2csv file.xlsx file.csv --trim