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Fixed #102. Export the missing LAPACK functions (slapy2,slapy3,dlapy2…

…,dlapy3) in shared library.
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1 parent 60a58e0 commit 0e39699c8c5618a54ce45fcf825c149307f8dfc9 @xianyi committed Apr 30, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 exports/gensymbol
4 exports/gensymbol
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@
slahrd, slahr2, slaic1, slaln2, slals0, slalsa, slalsd,
slangb, slange, slangt, slanhs, slansb, slansp,
slansy, slantb, slantp, slantr, slanv2,
- slapll, slapmt,
+ slapll, slapmt, slapy2, slapy3,
slaqgb, slaqge, slaqp2, slaqps, slaqsb, slaqsp, slaqsy,
slaqr0, slaqr1, slaqr2, slaqr3, slaqr4, slaqr5,
slaqtr, slar1v, slar2v, ilaslr, ilaslc,
@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@
dlahrd, dlahr2, dlaic1, dlaln2, dlals0, dlalsa, dlalsd,
dlangb, dlange, dlangt, dlanhs, dlansb, dlansp,
dlansy, dlantb, dlantp, dlantr, dlanv2,
- dlapll, dlapmt,
+ dlapll, dlapmt, dlapy2, dlapy3,
dlaqgb, dlaqge, dlaqp2, dlaqps, dlaqsb, dlaqsp, dlaqsy,
dlaqr0, dlaqr1, dlaqr2, dlaqr3, dlaqr4, dlaqr5,
dlaqtr, dlar1v, dlar2v, iladlr, iladlc,

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