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Precompiled installation packages

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Precompiled installation packages

note this list is not comprehensive, is not meant to validate nor endorse a particular third-party build over others and may not always lead to the newest version

Multiple operating systems

Binaries designed to be compatible with Julia are regularly provided in . Note that their 64bit builds with INTERFACE64=1 have _64 appended to the function symbol names, so your code needs to refer to e.g. gemm_64_ rather than gemm_

the Conda-Forge project maintains packages for the conda package manager at


pkg install openblas




OpenBLAS package is available in default repositories and can act as default BLAS in system

Example installation commands:

  $ sudo apt update
  $ apt search openblas
  $ sudo apt install libopenblas-dev
  $ sudo update-alternatives --config

Alternatively, if distributor's package proves unsatisfactory, you may try latest version of OpenBLAS, Following guide in OpenBLAS FAQ


Recent OpenSUSE versions include OpenBLAS in default repositories and also permit OpenBLAS to act as replacement of system-wide BLAS.

Example installation commands:

  $ sudo zypper ref
  $ zypper se openblas
  $ sudo zypper in openblas-devel
  $ sudo update-alternatives --config

Should you be using older OpenSUSE or SLE that provides no OpenBLAS, you can attach optional or experimental openSUSE repository as a new package source to acquire recent build of OpenBLAS following instructions on openSUSE software site


Fedora provides OpenBLAS in default installation repositories.

To install it try following:

  $ dnf search openblas
  $ dnf install openblas-devel

For CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux packages are provided via Fedora EPEL repository

After adding repository and repository keys installation is pretty straightforward:

  $ yum search openblas
  $ yum install openblas-devel

No alternatives mechanism is provided for BLAS, and packages in system repositories are linked against NetLib BLAS or ATLAS BLAS libraries. You may wish to re-package RPMs to use OpenBLAS instead as described here


Mageia offers ATLAS and NetLIB LAPACK in base repositories. You can build your own OpenBLAS replacement, and once installed in /opt TODO: populate /usr/lib64 /usr/include accurately to replicate netlib with update-alternatives


  $ sudo pacman -S openblas

Solaris (via pkgsrc)


brew install openblas

or using the conda package manager from (which also has packages for the new M1 cpu)

conda install openblas