Syntax check for puppet manifests,YAML files,ERB files plus puppet-lint
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Syntax check for puppet manifests,YAML files,ERB files plus puppet-lint.Usefull for git repos that have puppet code.You can comment the puppet-lint part of the script if you are not interested in linting or you can modify it to your environment.

Installation of the pre-commit

To use it copy the file pre-commit under the .git/hooks/ folder and then try to change and commit a pp,yaml,erb file to see it in action.

Make sure you have puppet-lint installed for the lint part. ( gem install puppet-lint )

ERB & YAML Validation


Using ruby you can validate YAML files and ERB files.I use the same commands in the pre-commit script with the only difference the input are the commited files.Using those shell scripts you can specify the input file your self.


$ ./ puppet/hiera/common.yaml
$ ./ template/test.erb