MVVM based Tetris application sample on WPF
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MVVM based Tetris application sample using ReactiveProperty on WPF. You can study following through this sample.

  • How to use ReactiveProperty
  • Simple MVVM (Model - View - ViewModel) architecture
  • Programmable data binding

I made this for Hokuriku ComCamp 2016 powerd by MVPs. This event is a part of Japan ComCamp 2016 powered by MVPs.



  • Automatic fall down by timer
  • Move / Rotation / Fall down
  • Fix tetrimino immediately
  • Display next tetrimino
  • Display deleted rows information
  • Speed-up gradually (when tetrimino is deleted)
  • Super rotation

How to use

キー 動作
Rotation right
Fall down
Move left
Move right
X Rotation right
Z Rotation left
Space Fix tetrimino immediately
Esc Restart

Explanation document

Tetris Algorithm


This game is provided as ClickOnce application. You can download and install it from following URL.


This game is provided under MIT License.


Takaaki Suzuki (a.k.a @xin9le) is software developer in Japan who awarded Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies (Visual C#) since July 2012.