Code examples for new APIs of iOS 10.
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Code examples for new APIs of iOS 10.

How to build

Just build with Xcode 8.

It can NOT run on Simulator. (Because it uses Metal.)


Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition demo using Speech Framework. All available languages can be selected.


Loop playback demo using AVPlayerLooper.

Live Photo Capturing

Live Photo Capturing example using AVCapturePhotoOutput.

Audio Fade-in/out

Audio fade-in/out demo using setVolume:fadeDuration method which is added to AVAudioPlayer.

Metal CNN Basic: Digit Detection

Hand-writing digit detection using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) by Metal Performance Shaders.

Metal CNN Advanced: Image Recognition

Real-time image recognition using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) by Metal Performance Shaders.

PropertyAnimator: Position

Animating UIView's center & backgroundColor using UIViewPropertyAnimator.

PropertyAnimator: Blur

Animating blur effect using fractionComplete property of UIViewPropertyAnimator.

Preview Interaction

Peek & Pop interactions with 3D touch using UIPreviewInteraction.

Notification with Image

Local notification with an image using UserNotifications framework.

Sticker Pack

Example of Sticker Pack for iMessage.

Core Data Stack (Created by nolili)

Simple Core Data stack using NSPersistentContainer.

TabBar Customization

Customization sample for UITabBar's badge using text attributes.

New filters

New filters of CIFilter in Core Image.

New Fonts

New Fonts gallery

Proactive: Location Suggestions

This sample demonstrates how to use new mapItem property of NSUserActivity to integrate with location suggestions.

Attributed Speech

Attributed Speech demo using attributedSpeechString of AVSpeechUtterance.

But it seems NOT to affect the speech with this attribute. Anyone, please let me know how to use this new API.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic Feedbacks using UIFeedbackGenerator.


Shuichi Tsutsumi

Freelance iOS programmer in Japan.

Special Thanks

The icon is designed by Okazu