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This Gallery plugin for Croogo can create albums and upload photos


  • Clone/download Imagine plugin into APP/Plugin/Imagine and activate it manually, ie:

    Console/cake ext activate plugin Imagine -f

  • Clone/download Assets plugin into APP/Plugin/Assets and activate it in the admin panel or manually:

    Console/cake ext activate plugin Asset

  • Clone/download Gallery plugin into APP/Plugin/Assets and activate it in the admin paneli or imanually:

    Console/cake ext activate plugin Gallery

Create album and upload photos, you can access the albums in http://yoursitewithcroogo/gallery, or include it in any block or node record by using the shortcode [Gallery: gallery-slug].

The plugin will automatically substitute it with your photo album.



Dependencies and Compatibility

Original Author: Edinei L. Cipriani E-mail: Website: