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Ping 2 Pong

This App is a project I worked on along with two other people in early 2016 as a way to help facilitate language partners. The original problem we aimed to solve was that with most language exchange apps and websites, there is no incentive to actually message someone and you might get messages from people that are undesirable etc, so the plan was to put a points system in place where a person signs up with the language they want to learn and their native language, and only people who match up with those parameters are matched; so a person who wants to learn Italian and native language is English will be matched up with people who are learning English and who's native language is Italian, etc. And they would get points for messaging and replying - which they can use for other incentives later on. This project never really got off the ground as our team was busier than expected and there just wasn't enough users of our app which made it very difficult to match people up with the right language. In addition there was substantial competition from apps like Duolingo and Tandem and Hellotalk so we eventually abandoned this project.

-Tong Zou


A website to facilitate language learning




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