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Manage your pictures easily for Github.


It is used to manage store the gallery. If you use it reasonably, it can be used as a picture bed and file sharing. Isn't it good!

If you use it reasonably, you can use it as a picture bed or file sharing, not bad!

Share in the spirit of open source, if it helps you, Star will support it!


  • Github / Gitee support
  • No need to deploy, start in 2 steps
  • Ready to use out of the box, leave after use
  • Support drag and drop, paste upload
  • Multiple CDN acceleration
  • Can be used as file sharing
  • Custom file upload scheme
  • Support online new text file



  1. Create a New Repository (Or an existing repo)
  2. Open

Built with

Set up

# Install dep
$ yarn

# Start localhost:7000
$ yarn start

# Build Production
$ yarn build

If you build it yourself, you may need Github OAuth2

It is not recommended to build by yourself!