This is a library/sample of using cordova and cordova-plugin-files to access/scan sdcard/external-storage in Android
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Android SDcard & External Storage access API

This is a sample API of using cordova-plugin-files to scan sdcard & external-storage in Android

Example of using the API:

new ExternalStorageSdcardAccess( fileHandler ).scanPath( "file:///storage/sdcard1/music" );
function fileHandler( fileEntry ) {
    console.log( + " | " + fileEntry.toURL() );


<script src="js/exernalStorageSdcardAccess.js"></script>
  • config.xml
delete: <preference name="AndroidExtraFilesystems"/>
  • make sure testing environment can access it's own external storage at the time of testing. ( e.p. if the device is connected with usb, make sure it is connected as a camera; Call the APIs after recieving the "deviceready" event )


ExternalStorageSdcardAccess( _fileHandler, _errorHandler ):
Create a new instance of this class to use the API.Both parameters have default handler.
@params _fileHandler(fileEntry): when a file is discovered, the handler will be called, pass a FileEntry object
@params _errorHandler(error): when a error occurs, the handler will be called, pass a FileError object

Scan all the files by using all the pathes in the array

ExternalStorageSdcardAccess.scanPathList( arrayOfPath ):
Scan all the files and directories from the root

ExternalStorageSdcardAccess.scanPath( path ):
Scan all the files by using the path

Things need to know before looking into the source code


About correct path parameter

"cdvfile://localhost/",                 // * Err 5 (wrong pattern)
"file:///",                             // * root, directoryEntry
"file:///somefile/",                    // * somefile, directoryEntry
"file:///somefile",                     // * somefile, directoryEntry
"file:///randomdumbname",               // * Err 1, (not found)
"file:///somefile/ACG/aaaaa.mp3",       // * OK, fileEntry