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A Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library.
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Merge pull request #34 from hvr/pr-janitor2xmonad

Replace references to janitors w/ xmonad
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Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library Hackage Build Status

To build this package using Cabal directly from Git, you must run autoreconf before the usual Cabal build steps (configure/build/install). autoreconf is included in the GNU autoconf tools. There is no need to run the configure script: the cabal configure step will do this for you.

If you are building from a source tarball, you can just use the standard Cabal installation stanza:

cabal configure
cabal build
cabal install

Xinerama support is enabled by default if Xinerama headers are detected. To disable Xinerama support, add the --without-xinerama flag to configure-option:

cabal configure --configure-option="--without-xinerama"

However, if you are building from Git, X11 uses autoconf, so you need to have autoconf installed and run autoconf/autoheader before building:



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