analog clock in ncurses
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usage : tty-clock [-iuvsScbtrahDBxn] [-C [0-7]] [-f format] [-d delay] [-a nsdelay] [-T tty] 
    -s            Show seconds                                   
    -S            Screensaver mode                               
    -x            Show box                                       
    -c            Set the clock at the center of the terminal    
    -C [0-7]      Set the clock color                            
    -b            Use bold colors                                
    -t            Set the hour in 12h format                     
    -u            Use UTC time                                   
    -T tty        Display the clock on the specified terminal    
    -r            Do rebound the clock                           
    -f format     Set the date format                            
    -n            Don't quit on keypress                         
    -v            Show tty-clock version                         
    -i            Show some info about tty-clock                 
    -h            Show this page                                 
    -D            Hide date                                      
    -B            Enable blinking colon                          
    -d delay      Set the delay between two redraws of the clock. Default 1s. 
    -a nsdelay    Additional delay between two redraws in nanoseconds. Default 0ns.