Clock using lib ncurses
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CFLAGS and LDFLAGS may be passed in by an upstream build system. we
want to make sure we absolutely add our dependency flags otherwise
stuff like hardening flags will break the build

Closes: #29


usage : tty-clock [-iuvsScbtrahDBxn] [-C [0-7]] [-f format] [-d delay] [-a nsdelay] [-T tty] 
    -s            Show seconds                                   
    -S            Screensaver mode                               
    -x            Show box                                       
    -c            Set the clock at the center of the terminal    
    -C [0-7]      Set the clock color                            
    -b            Use bold colors                                
    -t            Set the hour in 12h format                     
    -u            Use UTC time                                   
    -T tty        Display the clock on the specified terminal    
    -r            Do rebound the clock                           
    -f format     Set the date format                            
    -n            Don't quit on keypress                         
    -v            Show tty-clock version                         
    -i            Show some info about tty-clock                 
    -h            Show this page                                 
    -D            Hide date                                      
    -B            Enable blinking colon                          
    -d delay      Set the delay between two redraws of the clock. Default 1s. 
    -a nsdelay    Additional delay between two redraws in nanoseconds. Default 0ns.