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Prometheus exporter for Nextcloud servers.
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nextcloud-exporter Docker Build Status

A prometheus exporter for getting some metrics of a nextcloud server instance.


If you have a working Go installation, getting the binary should be as simple as

go get

Client credentials

To access the serverinfo API you will need the credentials of an admin user. It is recommended to create a separate user for that purpose.


$ nextcloud-exporter --help
Usage of nextcloud-exporter:
  -a, --addr string        Address to listen on for connections. (default ":9205")
  -p, --password string    Password for connecting to nextcloud.
  -t, --timeout duration   Timeout for getting server info document. (default 5s)
  -l, --url string         URL to nextcloud serverinfo page.
  -u, --username string    Username for connecting to nextcloud.

Some settings can also be specified through environment variables:

Name Description
NEXTCLOUD_SERVERINFO_URL URL to nextcloud serverinfo page
NEXTCLOUD_USERNAME Username for connecting to nextcloud
NEXTCLOUD_PASSWORD Password for connecting to nextcloud

Command line arguments take precedence over environment variables.

After starting the server will offer the metrics on the /metrics endpoint, which can be used as a target for prometheus.

The exporter will query the nextcloud server every time it is scraped by prometheus. If you want to reduce load on the nextcloud server you need to change the scrape interval accordingly:

  - job_name: 'nextcloud'
    scrape_interval: 90s
      - targets: ['localhost:9205']

Info URL

The exporter reads the metrics from the Nextcloud server using its "serverinfo" API. You can find the URL of this API in the administrator settings in the "Monitoring" section. It should look something like this:

If you open this URL in a browser you should see an XML structure with the information that will be used by the exporter.

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