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Samples for "Hibernate performance tuning" talk
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#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/batchfetching/entity/
#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/batchprocessing/entity/
#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/cache/entity/
#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/dirtychecking/entity/
#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/entitygraph/entity/
#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/nplusone/entity/
#	src/test/java/com/jeeconf/hibernate/performancetuning/subselect/entity/
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This is a set of samples for basic features of Hibernate covered in "Hibernate performance tuning".

Slides and video may be found here:

You are free to use and distribute them as is if you promise to run tests and understand how things work under the hood. ;)

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