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Merge pull request #629 from ndw/iss-333

Add a general error code for syntactic errors
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ndw committed Nov 6, 2018
2 parents cd0d4a2 + 788df0f commit 3d6289cde9a98e41fcf3323c3b681a1ffac9719a
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@@ -3523,6 +3523,13 @@ attribute">extension attributes</glossterm>.</error>
<para><error code="S0100">It is a <glossterm>static error</glossterm> if the pipeline
document does not conform to the grammar for pipeline documents.</error>
This is a general error code indicating that the pipeline is syntactically incorrect
in some way not identified more precisely in this specification.
<para>If an XProc processor can determine statically that a dynamic error will
<emphasis>always</emphasis> occur, it <rfc2119>may</rfc2119> report that error statically

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