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xr comic science website

This document is here to document the current setup of our website hosted at


How and where is the website hosted?

The website is hosted from a Keybase git repository located at keybase://team/

New contributors: make pull requests on Github.

Established contributors: The materbranch on keybase is in production.

To make changes, you will need to be a member of the keybase team.

To put changes into production, pull from Github master and make edits. Then push keybase master changes. Please remember to also push changes to github.

team on keybase.

How can I download the website to my computer?

Clone the website git repository. The first time you cloned the repo you also need to run npm install:

git clone keybase://team/
cd website
npm install

How can I preview website changes on my computer?

Edit the page templates (_src/templates) or markdown sources (_src/pages). Then run make folder to re-generate the websites HTML pages. To preview the website locally, run make preview and open the website at http://localhost:5000.

make preview

How can I push my changes to the live website?

If you feel fine about your changes, commit the changes to the git repo using git add . and git commit, and then push the commits to Keybase using git push. That's it!

git add .
git commit -m "some minor copy edits"
git push

How can I add resource files?

Resource files are stored in the (keybase website folder)[keybase://team/]. You'll need write permission to change files.

How can I hide files from the website even though they are in the repository?

You can use the .kbp_config file to make files inaccessible through the website. This is what we've done with some files already (like the _src folder). Hint: this can also be used to create a password- protected area on the page.

How can I change the find-your-politician app?

The app source is located in _src/apps/addresses. It's a "Svelte" app which is a template language that compiles to JavaScript. To compile the app you need to run

cd _src/apps/addresses
npm install
npm run build

The npm install is only needed the first time you compile the app.

The addresses themselves are stored in _src/data/addresses.json. If you make changes to the files you also need to re-compile the Svelte app (same command as above).

If you want to learn more about Svelte, check out the website at There's also a nice tutorial that walks through the features.


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