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Sublime Text 3 plugin to render images in markdown files
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Markdown Images

This is a Sublime Text 3 plugin to render images inside of markdown files.



Images in markdown use the ![alt text](uri) markup. Wherever this appears, this plugin can render the image specified by the URI below the line.

You can configure an image's dimensions by adding HTML <img> properties after the image markup: ![alt text](uri){width="200", height="200"}. Everything between the {} will be copied to the <img> element that renders the image.

If the URI points to a file on disk, it is called a "local" image, and renders by default. If the URI points to an external (http, https, etc) resource, it is called a "remote" image, and does not render by default.

You can choose to show local, show remote or show all images from the command palette and with the configuration settings.


By default, images are rendered when the file is first loaded. This can be configured with the show_local_images_on_load and show_remote_images_on_load settings.

Images can rendered on save with the show_local_images_on_post_save and show_remote_images_on_post_save settings.

Go to Sublime Text -> Packages -> Package Settings -> MarkdownImages (macOS menu) to edit your configuration.

Refer to the default configuration file.


  • markdown_images_show(show_local: bool, show_remote: bool) - Show images from the local filesystem and/or remote URLs
  • markdown_images_hide() - Removes all rendered images from the view

These can be activated with the command palette (cmd+shift+p):

  • MarkdownImages: Hide Images
  • MarkdownImages: Show All Images
  • MarkdownImages: Show Local Images
  • MarkdownImages: Show Remote Images


This plugin adds no keybindings. You can set your own keybindings to the commands.


The URI portion of the ![alt text](uri) markup must not contain spaces or else the markdown syntax parser (provided by other packages) will not recognize this as image markup.

Only PNG, JPG and GIF images are supported.

SVG does not render inside of ST3 Phantom objects, unfortunately.

Remote image loading runs in the main thread so it will stall ST3. Remote image loading is disabled


The image rendering code was seeded by sublime_zk

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