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.tito build packages in Copr from latest commit Oct 30, 2019
.dockerignore Update to run test by regular user. Oct 28, 2019
.travis.yml Set "Setup without docker - pipenv" case as "allow failure". (#7) Oct 29, 2019
COPYING first version of spec file Oct 30, 2019
Dockerfile-without-docker Update to run test by regular user. Oct 28, 2019
Pipfile Add description adding current Fedora Packages web site URL. [ci skip] ( Oct 30, 2019
docker-compose.yml first take Oct 21, 2019
fedora-packages.spec implement changelog tab Nov 8, 2019
requirements.txt remove unnecessary requirements Oct 25, 2019 Update .travis.yml Oct 24, 2019 Change web - Dockerfile from Ubuntu to Fedora. Oct 24, 2019

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