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khtml2png is a command line program to create screenshots of webpages. It uses
libkhtml (the library that is used in the KDE webbrowser Konqueror) and 
"convert" from the ImageMagick graphic conversion toolkit.

For running and compiling you need some libraries and tools. You can find the
Debian package names in braces.

	* g++
	* KDE 3.x
	* kdelibs for KDE 3.x (kdelibs4-dev)
	* zlib (zlib1g-dev)
	* cmake

Introducing informations
Extract the archive with: tar xfvz <file name>

Afterwards check the requirements and install missing development packages.

Compiling and installation
This is done with the usual three steps

	1. ./configure
	2. make
	3. make install

Static file
If you have chosen the precompiled statically linked file you don't need to
install KDE or KDE librariers. Just extract the file with

	bunzip2 <file name>

and place it in a directory used for binaries (e.g. /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin).
If you like you can rename the executable.
!!! Make sure the khtml2png2 file is executable (e.g. chmod +x <file name>). !!!


khtml2png2 [options] url outfile

  -w, --width <width>       Width of canvas on which to render html [800]
  -h, --height <height>     Height of canvas on which to render html [1000]
  -t, --time <time>         Maximum time in seconds to spend loading page [30]
  --auto <id>               Use this option if you to autodetect the bottom/right border []
  --disable-js              Enable/Disable javascript (enabled by default)
  --disable-java            Enable/Disable java (enabled by default)
  --disable-plugins         Enable/Disable KHTML plugins (like Flash player, enabled by default)
  --disable-redirect        Enable/Disable auto-redirect by header <meta > (enabled by default)
  --disable-popupkiller     Enable/Disable popup auto-kill (enabled by default)


	khtml2png2 --width 800 --height 1000 kde-org.png


	khtml2png --auto ID_border kde-org.png