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Open source business management software to power your entire company with one system — accounting, CRM, ERP, eCommerce.

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  1. nvm Public

    Forked from nvm-sh/nvm

    Easily setup NVM globally for rooted, multi-user, or CI environments

    Shell 102 12

  2. This repository contains the source code for the JSON Web Token (JWT) bearer token exchange middleware for OAuth2orize.

    JavaScript 78 21

  3. Forked from lynnaloo/xtuple-vagrant

    Vagrant-powered development environment for the xTuple's open-source ERP software:

    Shell 11 132

  4. This repository contains the source code for an example implementation of the Python REST API client for xTuple ERP. This client uses the Google API's client library for Python.

    Python 4 4

  5. Forked from lynnaloo/xtuple-dashboard

    Dashing dashboards for the xTuple Development Team

    JavaScript 3 7

  6. Font Awesome Icons Styled for Enyo 2

    JavaScript 2 2


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