mruby to javascript calling interface, only works with emscripten
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This is the mrbgem for calling JavaScript from mruby. It is primarily created to work with webruby. But since it is grouped as a mrbgem and only requires a small JavaScript snippet, feel free to use it in your own project if you found it useful.

This project is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for further details.


  • Fetch JS numbers, strings, arrays, objects and functions
  • Use either '.' syntax or '[]' syntax to retrieve fields in a JS object
  • Perform JS Function call using normal method, new method or method with specified this value
  • Auto conversion from Ruby arrays to JS arrays, and Ruby hashes to JS objects
  • Use method_missing to expose JS functions to Ruby
  • Use Ruby procs as JS callback functions, you can even pass JS values as arguments to the Ruby procs!

##Build Status

Build Status Build Status