macOS Mojave 10.14 Clover Config for XPS15 9550
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Laptop Specs

XPS15-9550 i5-6300HQ 16GB PM961 512G 4K Display 1080P Monitor

10.14.2 18C54 MacBookPro13,3


  • Thunderbolt 3

  • Bluetooth Devices ( bluetooth mouse works fine )

  • SD Card ( Disabled in BIOS )


You may refer to wmchris's tutorial for the installation guide and solutions to some common issues.

But note that please create an issue in my repository if you encounter any problem when using my files or folloing my tutorial ( Please don't disturb others ). My writing in English is poooooor:(, but I can read :).

You should generate a new Serial Number in SMBIOS section before you login in to an Apple account.


Boot macOS without Clover GUI

Open your config.plist with Clover Configurator and set Timeout to 0 in Boot section.

See Configuration/Boot

Native NTFS Read/Write

  1. You should disable Windows 10's hibernation first: run powercfg -h off in powershell.

  2. Add UUID=xxx none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse to /etc/fstab, xxx is the UUID of your Windows 10(NTFS) partition

Disable Hibernation

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0
sudo pmset -a disksleep 0
sudo pmset -a standby 0
sudo pmset -b tcpkeepalive 0 (optional)

-b - battery, -c - AC Power, and -a means both.

(Please uncheck any option in the Energy Saver panel except Prevent computer from sleeping...)


You may need PostInstall/ALC298PluginFix to make headphone works properly.

Credit @gooodwin for this plugin and @daliansky for the install/uninstall.command

Font Rendering for Non-Retina Display

defaults write -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled -bool NO

Touchpad doesn't Work after System Update

Rebuild kextcache.

sudo kextcache -i /

Connect External Monitor via USB-C Port

If you are connecting an external monitor via USB-C port, you may need to close the express-card shown on the menubar manually to prevent sleep-wake-failure.

CPU Frequency

the CPUFriendDataProvider.kext (CPUFriend/Instructions) in this repo was generated for i5-6300HQ ( Credit @corenel for the modified plist file ).

Note that the plist file metioned in the CPUFriend/Instructions should already be modified for your specific CPU. You may refer to this guide HWP(Intel Speed Shift) enable.

You can use intel(R) Power to check your CPU frequency.

Single/Double Click Delay

See is-it-possible-to-get-rid-of-the-delay-between-right-clicking-and-seeing-the-context-menu

Tapping with the trackpad has a delay while the trackpad decides which gesture you are performing. Disabling some gestures will remove this delay in certain cases:

  • If “Smart zoom” is turned on, then a two-finger tap needs to wait to see if you are performing a two-finger double tap.
  • If dragging is enabled (“with drag lock” or “without drag lock”), then a one-finger tap needs to


  • The author of every article/repo I mentioned.