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ComicSeer Desktop

Comic Seer for the Windows and Linux desktop is one of the most popular comic reading applications. It is freely available and used by hundreds of people daily. The key features include:

  • Single and dual page viewing
  • Zoom from 1X to 4X
  • 90 degree page rotations
  • Comic page browsing
  • Library management
  • Bookmarking
  • Comic meta-data integration

It is built using the cross platform Qt framework.

Relation to Comic Seer App

ComicSeer Desktop is different than the Comic Seeer App, which is available only on Windows and not open source. The app is modern option for Comic Seer, but is very Windows-specific (desktop & mobile), so it will not be released on other platforms.


Screen1 Screen2 Screen3 Screen4 Screen5

Multi-language Support

Comic Seer can be adapted to other languages. The below languages are currently supported (outside of English) and always open to new contributions!

Language files are not guaranteed to be compatible across versions. If you upgrade Comic Seer and are using a language file, please use the latest language file as well.

Language File Completion Contributor
Czech/Czech Republic comicseer_cs_CZ 100.0%
French/France comicseer_fr_FR 100.0%
Greek/Greece comicseer_el_GR 100.0%
Russian/Russia comicseer_ru_RU 86.5%

For details on building/installing language files, refer to TRANSLATIONS.

Binary Downloads

You can download the latest releases from Releases.


Comic Seer Desktop is free to download and distribute. Contribution via this repo is preferred, but forking is also allowed. If you want to contribute to this repo, send a message to and will provide you the access & details.


The development environment for Comic Seer Desktop is Qt & Qt Creator. The details on how to setup the environment for Windows & Linux is at doc/Environment. A more natural experience will be added and integrated into GitHub, but until then, manual steps are required.


Does this work on Mac?

  • The Qt framework is compatible with Mac and the code can be tweaked to work on Mac with minimal effort, but it has not been completed as yet.


Desktop version of Comic Seer - Comic reading application for Windows, Linux (+Mac enabled)






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