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Icons Creator 0.2.3

Table of contents

About ℹ️

This tool can create icons of any 3D object imported in Unity: prefabs, models, and objects on the opened scenes. Also you can make icons out of entire folders containing 3D objects.

I did this tool to learn more about tooling and editor coding. It is based on a tool that I originally created for a game I am working on, but it was quite limited and required a lot of manual work to do to create icons. So I took the initial version of the tool, improved it, removed any external dependencies, and decided to make it public.

Hope you'll find this tool useful! 💜

Features 🌟

  • Make icons of any amount of 3D objects in just one button click.
  • Set custom background
  • Adjust object scale
  • Set icon size in pixels
  • Add suffix or prefix to the icon's name

Here is a video demonstration

Examples 👀

Here are some examples with different backgrounds:

Ambulance (none) Blaster (none) Chair (color) Hot dog (color) House (texture) Turret (texture)
alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Getting started 🚀


Editor version

It should be fine if you are using 2021.3+.


Render Pipeline                                                                                         Compatible
High Defenition

If you are using URP, please make sure the depth texture is enabled.

Important notes

  • The tool can only be used in Edit mode.
  • The tool is using a special scene named Icons_Creation, it comes with the package. It is used to set the objects and render them as icons. Please don't do anything with this scene, just ignore it. If you accidentally modified it - delete it, and it will be regenerated next time you open the tool window.
  • Please note that the tool does load, set active, and unload a special scene every time it creates an icon. So, if you are using EditorSceneManager events, keep it in mind.


  1. Download the .unitypackage file from the latest release
  2. Import it in Unity

Future 🔮

I'm not sure if I will be working on this tool anymore. If I will, I am going to do some QoL updates, improve code, optimize it, and add some or all of the following features:

  • Frame
  • Alpha mask
  • Perspective camera projection
  • Object material
  • Ambient lighting
  • Object outline

For developers 🔧

If you want to fork and modify the tool, this information may be useful.


There is no actual documentation for the code, I will update this section if I will make one. So here is a short and simple explanation of how does this tool work:

High-level components:

  • IconsCreatorWindow - handles user input, all GUI drawing, and saving properties.
  • IconsCreator - coordinates low-level components mentioned below to create icons.

Low-level components:

  • IconsCreatorInternalSceneHandler - generates an internal scene named Icons_Creation, loads it, closes it, and places the objects on the internal scene.
  • IconsCreatorCameraUtility - adjusts camera position, rotation, orthographic size and provides camera view texture.
  • IconsSaver - saves camera view as a sprite asset.

Core processes:

  • Every time the tool window is opened, IconsCreator asks IconsCreatorInternalSceneHandler to create the internal scene if it is missing.
  • To draw the preview IconsCreator makes IconsCreatorInternalSceneHandler and IconsCreatorCameraUtility work together to place the first object from the Objects list on the internal scene and retrieve the camera view from that scene.
  • When creating icons, the "preview" procedure mentioned above is applied for every object from the Objects list. Then IconsSaver saves every retrieved camera view texture as a sprite asset with all user specified properties to the Assets/Textures/Icons folder created by the tool.


I made some tests to make sure that the assets the tool is generating are meeting certain requirements. The tests don't cover content validity of the generated icons.

Before you run tests make sure Icons_Creation scene is present and if you accidently modified it - delete the scene, then reopen the tool window and the scene will be automatically regenerated.