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CleanCut commented Aug 7, 2020

We moved from Jenkins to GitHub Actions for CI in amethyst/amethyst#2382 -- we wanted to ship that so we can get CI working in general for folks again. Here's a list of other things we would like to do soon. Please comment if you have more ideas!

Each item should have individual issue(s) and/or PR(s) opened for them. Let me know in a comment and I'll add a link next t

weiby3 commented Nov 28, 2020

Bevy version


Operating system & version

Windows 10

Got the following link error when build bevy-snake

glslang.glsltospirv.lib(intermOut.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__fpclass referenced in function "void __cdecl glslang::OutputDouble(class TInfoSink &,double,enum glslang::TOutputTraverser::EExtraOutput)" (?OutputDouble@glslang@@YAXAEAVTInfoS
johang88 commented Jul 30, 2020

Release Type: Github
Describe the bug
Adding an instancing component and then a model component crashes the instancing processor.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add instancing component to an entity,
  2. Add model component to the same entity
  3. Exception time

Expected behavior
It should not crash.

If applicable, add screenshots to

PapyChacal commented Nov 9, 2020


I'd like to see Panda3D offer an interface to switch between system cursors, like the usual arrow cursor, the text cursor, or the finger cursor, for example.

Use Case

I'm working on a dear ImGui backend for Panda3D, and it would allow consistent cursor behavior in the dear ImGui interface while using only the Panda3D's interface. It would help for any Panda3D-based too

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