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KDevelop nim/nimble project template
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KDevelop nim/nimble project template

See a demo here:


  • Clone (or download as a zip) the github repo to your local path.
  • Go to kdevelop -> settings -> Configure kdevelo...
  • From the left pane select Templates.
  • For the Project template select the Project Template Tab and click on Load template from file and navigate to: /...your local path.../KDevelop-template/nimble_project/nimble_nim.kdevtemplate
  • Do the same for the File Template Tab and select /...your local path.../KDevelop-template/nim_file/nim_file.desktop
  • Press OK and you should be able to create a new nimble project.

Note that both nim and nimble have to be in your bin path. An easy way to have them available is to create a symlink inside your home bin directory:

$>ln -s /...path to nim binary.../nim /home/...Linux User.../bin

$>ln -s /...path to nimble binary.../nimble /home/...Linux User.../bin

For syntax highliting use the kate support. NOTE: Starting with KDE Frameworks 5.29, KTextEditor depends on KSyntaxHighlighting. The new install path for the syntax file is: $HOME/.local/share/org.kde.syntax-highlighting/syntax

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