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Tool to draw required data graph from CSV data files using Gnuplot
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There are many datasets in the world that are formed in such a format below:

var1	var2     ...	varM	res1	res2 	...	resN
v(1,1)	v(1,2)	 ...	v(1,M)	r(1,1)	r(1,2)	...	r(1,N)
v(2,1)	v(2,2)	 ...	v(2,M)	r(2,1)	r(2,2)	...	r(2,N)
v(K,1)	v(K,2)	 ... 	v(K,M)	r(K,1)	r(K,2) 	...	r(K,N)

Which is a K(M+N)* matrix. Each line means one "experiment result" (possibly). This is more like a multi-input, multi-output blackbox, while the variables settled down, we can know the results:

var1...M |----------| res1...N ---------> | The BOX | --------> |----------|

Sometimes, we want to know how the variables influnce the results. But... The data is too huge, and I don't want to sort it, select data, draw graph each time to see the curves. So...

I decided to write this tool to draw all the curves for me.

Input of this drawer should be *.csv file currently.

Required software

Currently this tool only works under Linux.

Required binaries

  • gnuplot
  • convert
  • eog

Required Perl modules

  • Chart::Gnuplot
  • Term::Menus


Please check --help.

CSV file format

Please take sas-15k-data.csv as am example. It's format Should be something like:


Here to seperate variables from test results, I used two commas ,, to seperate (or to say, add an empty column beteween the two blocks if you open it in an Excel application).

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