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Use a physical keyboard to interact with SmileBASIC in Citra
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Use a physical keyboard to interact with SmileBASIC in Citra

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you map the D-Pad buttons to the arrow keys prior to using this script

this guide uses emacs key notation



  • M-x: toggle Controller Mode
  • CapsLock: switch keyboard case (if possible)
  • C-leftmouse: set touchscreen top left do this before anything else
  • C-rightmouse: set touchscreen bottom right do this before anything else

Normal Mode

  • normal keys: insert text
  • backspace: backspace
  • RET: insert newline
  • C-s: save slot (enable Dialog Mode)
  • C-o: open file in slot
  • C-v: paste
  • C-z: undo
  • C-y: redo
  • C-LeftArr, home: beginning of line
  • C-RightArr, end: end of line
  • C-Up, PgUp: scroll up
  • C-Down, PgDn: scroll down
  • C-f: enable Search Mode
  • C-S-H: enable Search Mode with replace on
  • C-<SPACE>: enable Select Mode
  • S-arrows: select and move
  • C-/, C-.: make current line a comment
  • M-w: insert WHILE WEND (experimental)
  • M-i: insert IF THEN (experimental)
  • M-l: insert ELSEIF THEN (experimental)
  • C-h: toggle SB help

Search Mode

  • normal keys: enter search/replace query
  • C-, (C-<): previous result
  • C-. (C->): next result
  • RET: commit replace
  • C-h: toggle replace

Select Mode

  • C-c: copy
  • C-x: cut
  • C-v: paste
  • C-<SPACE>: disable Select Mode

Controller Mode

Keys are unassigned and default to their meaning as Citra buttons

  • normal keys: unassigned
  • Shift: enable Select Mode

Dialog Mode

  • valid filename keys: enter text
  • C-c: cancel
  • RET: OK
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