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Fujitask(one of the transaction monads) implementation by Extensible Effects.
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Fujitask Eff

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libraryDependencies += "com.github.y-yu" %% "fujitask-eff" % "0.2.1"


This is a abstract data structure for transactions of databases by Extensible Effects. It can determine automatically which minimal transaction will be needed for executing SQLs.

For example,

case class User(id: Long, name: String)
// create table `user` (
//   `id` bigint not null auto_increment,
//   `name` varchar(64) not null
// )

val logger: Logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Main.getClass)

val eff1 = for {
  user1 <-
  _     <- userRepository.create("test")
  user2 <-
} yield {"user1 is $user1")"user2 is $user2")

then the console logs are below.

02:08:31.610 [run-main-1] INFO  repository.impl.jdbc.package$ - ReadWriteRunner begin --------->
02:08:31.672 [scala-execution-context-global-82] INFO  Main$ - user1 is None
02:08:31.672 [scala-execution-context-global-82] INFO  Main$ - user2 is Some(User(1,test))
02:08:31.674 [scala-execution-context-global-82] INFO  repository.impl.jdbc.package$ - <--------- ReadWriteRunner end

After if we would use only the read function like that:

val eff2 = for {
  user3 <-
} yield {"user3 is $user3")

we can show that a read-only transaction would be used.

02:08:31.675 [scala-execution-context-global-84] INFO  repository.impl.jdbc.package$ - ReadRunner begin --------->
02:08:31.676 [scala-execution-context-global-104] INFO  Main$ - user3 is Some(User(1,test))
02:08:31.677 [scala-execution-context-global-104] INFO  repository.impl.jdbc.package$ - <--------- ReadRunner end

In addition, we can use any other monads together in the same for-yield.

val eff3 = for {
  name <- Reader.ask[String]
  user <- userRepository.create(name)
  user4 <-
} yield {"user4 is $user4")
02:20:15.892 [scala-execution-context-global-134] INFO  repository.impl.jdbc.package$ - ReadWriteRunner begin --------->
02:20:15.893 [scala-execution-context-global-134] INFO  Main$ - user4 is Some(User(2,piyo))
02:20:15.893 [scala-execution-context-global-133] INFO  repository.impl.jdbc.package$ - <--------- ReadWriteRunner end

If you would like to get more information about this, please contact me. I will be happy to help you if it would be possible.

How to use

You can try it by the following command.

sbt "example/run"

And it can be tested as follows.

sbt "example/test"


I would like to thank @halcat0x15a for many advices to implement.


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