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Hugo Theme NorthEast

A Hugo theme with Tailwind CSS.


You'll need git and npm installed.

Make sure to install postcss, postcss-cli and autoprefixer globally in your environment, as Hugo Pipe's PostCSS requires it.

npm install -g postcss postcss-cli autoprefixer

Make sure to use a minimum Hugo version of v0.69.0 and above.


Go to the root directory of your Hugo website, or create a new site with

hugo new site hugo-example-site
cd hugo-example-site
git init

Now you can add the theme with

git submodule add themes/hugo-northeast

To install the node modules (most importantly Tailwind CSS),

cd themes/hugo-northeast
npm install

Finally, add theme = "hugo-northeast in the config.toml file in the root directory of your Hugo website.

The website is now good to go! Run hugo server -DF --disableFastRender to see a live preview of it. To build the website for deployment, run

hugo --gc --minify

Files in the public/ directory can now be served.


  • Homepage
    • Introduction section
    • Featured posts
    • Featured publications
    • Recent posts
    • Tag cloud
  • Header
    • Logo if it exists
    • Title
    • Menu of links
      • Large screen
      • Mobile
    • Search
    • Light/dark theme toggle
  • Footer
    • Social links
    • Copyright
  • Post
    • Tags
    • xx min read
    • Category
    • Featured picture
    • Tables
    • Blockquotes
    • Code highlighting
    • Math rendering
    • Footnote back reference
    • Previous/next post in the same category
    • Related posts
  • Categories/Tags page
    • Feature picture
    • List of posts
  • Publications
    • Support .bib files
    • External link to DOI/PDF
  • Shortcodes
    • Highlight (mark) in post
    • Figure w/ captions and links
    • Alert (note and warning)
  • Partials
    • Go back to top
    • Table of contents
    • Search screen
    • List of social links (footer)