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Paystack OpenCart Extension


OpenCart Paystack payment gateway integration. Visit the Paystack Website to know how paystack works. Install to receive payments for your goods in naira from any Mastercard, Visa or Verve card in the world.


  • Curl 7.34.0 or more recent
  • PHP 5.5.19 or more recent
  • OpenSSL v1.0.1 or more recent


  • Paystack currently only accepts the following currencies: NGN.
  • You need to have created an account on


  • Paystack payment gateway integration
  • Activates payment module only when cart currency is NGN
  • Activate payment module only when order total reaches the amount you specified
  • Captures call back notification to automatically update order status
  • Simply turn on Live Mode to accept live payments.


  1. Visit Paystack OpenCart Extension to download the latest release.
  2. Unzip the files. Select the right version for your OpenCart.
  3. Upload the files to your OpenCart installation folder with a FTP client OR
  4. Upload the zipped file to the root of your OpenCart installation then unzip using cPanel File Manager. The folders should merge.
  5. In admin panel, proceed to ‘Extensions > Payment’ and install ‘Paystack’.
  6. Configure the module accordingly.
  1. Enable Paystack payment gateway on your OpenCart admin.
  2. Add and set NGN as your default store currency.
  3. Proceed to Paystack OpenCart Extension to rate our work.

Other Configuration

To add currencies, you can do so at System > Localisation > Currencies.


  • Ibrahim Lawal
  • Kendyson Douglas