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Creates a new VM and installs prerequisites to install AzureStack Development kit (ASDK) to run PoC

This template creates a new Azure VM, and installs, configures all prerequisites that is required to install Azure Stack Development Kit to ease the process to evaluate all Azure Stack functionalities.

--High level steps to follow--

  • Deploy the template
  • Logon to Azure VM
  • Run Install-ASDK.ps1 script on the desktop
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • Setup will download selected version of ASDK and extract files automatically
  • ASDK setup will be feeded with required default parameters and parameters collected above

*** updates on 06.01.2018

  • New options to select ASDK version to install
  • Tested with ASDK 1712
  • Lots of fixes to better detect ASDK files and paths

*** updates on 06.06.2018

  • Tested with ASDK 1805
  • Auto shutdown option set to disabled by default (enable this one manually during the deployment if you have limited subscription)

*** updates on 17.08.2018

  • Tested with ASDK 1807

*** updates on 02.09.2018

  • Tested with ASDK 1808
  • findLatestASDK function updated to detect additional ASDK releases to download. ex. 1807 re-released twice 1807-1 and 1807-2
  • domains and account with MFA support (pop-up Microsoft account logon UI after download and extract)
  • Removal of redundant local admin password prompt.
  • Support for ADFS as Identity Provider in addition to Azure Cloud (AAD). Additional desktop shortcuts added for each IDP.
  • New ARM template option to download latest ASDK and extract with the VM deployement, disabled by default. 😊 Which makes the deployment time a bit longer (30-40 mins.)

For more details, please read the following article for details

Feel free to post questions and enjoy!