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Get a crowd sourced opinion on a question through polls.
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The very simple purpose of the app is for a user to be able to get a crowd sourced opinion on a question. The news feed function is both a source of information and fun. There are multiple narrow scoped uses for our project. For eg, crowdsourcing is a very important part of Human Computer Interaction and there is extensive scope in the research for how people respond/provide feedback depending on different stimuli offered. We also plan to add functionalities where the creator of the poll can set poll behavior for example show the status of the vote before the voter decides on a vote and see how popular vote sways the result as compared to a blind poll. Other important area of use could be corporations asking for feedback from their users to help them decide areas to focus on based on demand.


  • Clone the project using
  git clone
  • Go into the project folder using cd ballot

  • Inside the ballot folder install all the modules using npm install

  • Go inside the Cleint folder using cd Client and install modules npm install

  • Finally from the ballot directory cd .. run yarn dev

The project will be run on your browser.

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