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Added support for /robots.txt and fixed JSLint errors #565

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Yahoo Inc. member

Eventually, this should be done using new, special routes...


Should mojito be smart enough to generate robots and manifest files?

I do think that we should be able to redefine/force specific files though, so I will give it a +1

Yahoo Inc. member

You could instead have a route for /robots.txt that invokes a mojit, but that's probably overkill for most cases.

I'd prefer a solution that allows that to happen, but we can go with this for now, and tweak it later.


Ok, I will merge this, and we can plan for having some sort of npm bundle to add support for robots and manifest that can be plugged into the apps by just adding them as dependencies.


Ops, I just noticed the error msg in travis about the todo flag in jslint, who fails on node 0.8!/yahoo/mojito/jobs/2559216

@mridgway @mojit0 do you know what's going on with this?


@caridy afaik we're using the version in npm and hence the todo flag isn't supported until that package is updated from a jslint version which supports it.

Yahoo Inc. member

We should also add support for crossdomain.xml... Caridy, can you add that one line, or do you need a new pull request?


@jlecomte u can commit that line under the same PR, and it will be aggregated automatically once u push to your branch.


Ok, this is ready to be merged. I will hold it until I finish the update of node-jslint pkg to support todo flag, so we can validate the tests and move on.


@caridy are we still on hold for this?
Can @lzhan help?


@jlecomte is it ok to remove the "todo:true"? I don't see js error from "mojito jslint" command after it is removed.

@lzhan lzhan referenced this pull request

Jl #623

@lzhan lzhan merged commit ebccc52 into yahoo:develop

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Details default The Travis build failed
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Commits on Sep 25, 2012
  1. @jlecomte
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
  1. @jlecomte
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Showing with 7 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +7 −2 lib/app/middleware/mojito-handler-static.js
9 lib/app/middleware/mojito-handler-static.js
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
-/*jslint anon:true, sloppy:true, nomen:true*/
+/*jslint node:true, anon:true, sloppy:true, nomen:true, todo:true */
@@ -198,9 +198,14 @@ function staticProvider(store, globalLogger) {
// Use the resource store as a URI "rewriter" here.
// /favicon.ico is sent to ./my_app_folder/assets/favicon.ico
+ // /robots.txt is sent to ./my_app_folder/assets/robots.txt
+ // /crossdomain.xml is sent to ./my_app_folder/assets/crossdomain.xml
filename = urls[path];
// TODO: [Issue 80] remove this for performance
- if ((!filename) && (path === '/favicon.ico')) {
+ if (!filename &&
+ (path === '/favicon.ico' ||
+ path === '/robots.txt' ||
+ path === '/crossdomain.xml')) {
filename = pa.join(store._config.root, 'assets', path);
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