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Open-source Android/Desktop remake of Civ V
Kotlin Java
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UnCiv - Civ V for Android

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What is this?

An Android port of Civ V Made with LibGDX on Android Studio

What's been implemented?

  • Map tiles (including water), resources and improvements
  • Units and movement
    • Air units
  • Cities, production and buildings
    • Population and Specialists
  • Science, Cultural and Domination victories
  • Policies and Golden Ages
  • Combat and barbarians
    • Promotions and combat modifiers
  • Other civilizations, diplomacy and trade
  • City-states
  • Multiplayer (hotseat and across internet)
  • Map editor

What's next?

  • UI+UX improvements (suggestions welcome!)
  • Filling out gaps (missing civs etc)

I'd love to hear your feedback, either here or via mail to!

Desktop play

You can play Unciv on any desktop using the Bluestacks emulator!


Will you implement {feature}?

If it's in the original Civ V, then yes!

There's a lot left to implement, so it's hard to give an estimation of when exactly each feature will be added, but we're constantly improving!

If not, then the feature won't be added until we've finished all the features from the original Civ - as mentioned, this will take a while!

Please add {Civilization}

THE most common request, hands down. Everyone wants their favorite Civ in the game, I get that. But there are so many other things to work on - automations, AI, UI, graphics, bugs, and of course other features from the original game that are currently missing. Eventually we'll have them all, but the key word is "eventually".

How can I help?

If you're a programmer, you can join us in any of the open issue, or work on improving anything you want - once you're finished, issue a pull request and it'll go into the next version!

If not, you can help by spreading the word - vote for Unciv where you can, mention it on Reddit or Twitter etc, and help us with new ideas of how to get the word out!

If you REALLY want to donate for some reason, I have a Patreon page here!

How can I get started working on this?

  • Install Android Studio
  • Fork the repo, and clone your fork
  • Configure an Application run configuration with DesktopLauncher as the Main Class and <repo_folder>\android\assets\ as the Working directory

Adding a new Civ

Credits and 3rd parties

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