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A self-hosted solution to search, view and create your own Reddit archives.


  • Ingest pushshift dumps
  • View threads/comments
  • Fulltext search via PostgresFTS
  • Submit threads to be archived via API (Completely untested. Developed with mock data and the PRAW documentation)
  • Periodically fetch rising, new and hot threads from specified subreddits
  • Download images from threads.

Please abide by the Reddit Terms of Service and User Agreement if you are using their API

Alt text Alt text

Download pushshift dumps

All data 2005-06 to 2022-12:


Top 20,000 subreddits:



Master branch is unstable. Please checkout a release


Install Docker:

If you wish to change the postgres password, make sure POSTGRES_PASSWORD and PGPASSWORD are the same.

If you are using redarc on your personal machine, set docker envars REDARC_API=http://localhost/api and SERVER_NAME=localhost.

REDARC_API is the URL of your API server; it must end with /api eg:

REDARC_FE_API is the URL of the API server you want the frontend to send requests to.
If you are not using a reverse proxy, it should be the same as REDARC_API.

SERVER_NAME is the URL your redarc instance is running on. eg:

Setting an INGEST_PASSWORD and ADMIN_PASSWORD in your API is highly recommended to prevent abuse.

Docker compose:

Modify envars as needed

$ git clone
$ cd redarc
$ git fetch --all --tags
$ git checkout tags/v0.5.1 -b v0.5.1
// Modify .env as-needed
$ cp default.env .env
$ docker compose up -d

Manual installation:

$ git clone
$ cd redarc

1) Provision Postgres database

$ docker pull postgres
$ docker run \
  --name pgsql-dev \
  -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=test1234 \
  -d \
  -v ${PWD}/postgres-docker:/var/lib/postgresql/data \
  -p 5432:5432 postgres 
$ docker run \
  --name pgsql-fts \
  -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=test1234 \
  -d \
  -v ${PWD}/postgres-docker:/var/lib/postgresql/data \
  -p 5433:5432 postgres 
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_submissions.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_comments.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_subreddits.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_submissions_index.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_comments_index.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_status_comments.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_status_comments_index.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_status_submissions.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_status_submissions_index.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -p 5433 -a -f scripts/db_fts.sql
psql -h localhost -U postgres -a -f scripts/db_progress.sql

2) Process dump and insert rows into postgres database with the load_sub/load_comments scripts

Note: Be sure the ingest and Reddit workers are disabled

python3 scripts/ <path_to_submission_file>
python3 scripts/ <path_to_comment_file>
python3 scripts/ <path_to_submission_file>
python3 scripts/ <path_to_comment_file>
python3 scripts/ [subreddit_name]
python3 scripts/ <subreddit> <true|false>

3) Start the API server.

$ cd api
$ python -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install gunicorn
$ pip install falcon
$ pip install rq
$ pip install python-dotenv
$ pip install psycopg2-binary
$ gunicorn app

4) Start the frontend

cd ../redarc-frontend
mv sample.env .env

Set address for API server in the .env file

npm i
npm run dev // Dev server

5) Provision NGINX (Optional)

Edit nginx/nginx_original.conf with your own values

$ cd ..
$ mv nginx/redarc_original.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/redarc.conf
cd redarc-frontend
npm run build 
cp -R dist/* /var/www/html/redarc/
systemctl restart nginx

6) Setup submission workers

Fill in .env files with your own credentials.

$ docker pull redis
$ docker run --name some-redis -d redis
$ cd redarc/ingest
$ python -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install rq
$ pip install python-dotenv
$ pip install praw
$ pip install psycopg2-binary
$ pip install gallery-dl
$ python3 ingest/reddit_worker/
$ python3 ingest/index_worker/
$ python3 ingest/subreddit_worker/
$ python3 ingest/image_downloader/

Ingest data:


Note: Be sure the ingest and Reddit workers are disabled

Ensure python3, pip and psycopg2-binary are installed:

# Decompress dumps

$ unzstd <submission_file>.zst

$ unzstd <comment_file>.zst

$ pip install pyscopg2-binary

# Change database credentials if needed

$ python3 scripts/ <path_to_submission_file>

$ python3 scripts/ <path_to_submission_file>

$ python3 scripts/ <path_to_comment_file>

$ python3 scripts/ <path_to_comment_file>

$ python3 scripts/ [subreddit_name]

# Optional
$ python3 scripts/ <subreddit> <true|false>
$ python3 scripts/ <subreddit> <after timestamp utc> <num urls>


  • Submit Reddit URL using the web form /submit to be fetched by reddit_worker
  • Add subreddits to the SUBREDDITS envar (delimited by commas) to be periodically fetched by subreddit_worker



  • [unflatten = <True/False>]
  • [subreddit = <name>]
  • [id = <id>]
  • [before = <utc_timestamp>]
  • [after = <utc_timestamp>]
  • [parent_id = <parent_id>]
  • [link_id = <link_id>]
  • [sort = <ASC/DESC>]


  • [subreddit = <name>]
  • [id = <id>]
  • [before = <utc_timestamp>]
  • [after = <utc_timestamp>]
  • [sort = <ASC|DESC>]



  • <subreddit = <subreddit>>
  • [before = <unix timestamp>]
  • [after = <unix timestamp>]
  • [sort = <asc|desc>]
  • [query = <seach phrase>]
  • <type = <comment|submission>>


Redarc is licensed under the MIT license