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a php helper for static assets.
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Assets is a php helper for working with static assets & embedding.

📦 This package helps you to add toastr.js notifications to your Laravel 5 project.

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You can install the package using composer

$ composer require yakuzan/assets

alternative instalation :

if you don't want to use composer you can still use assets, just download the file assets.php put in a subfolder and just include it like

  include 'path/to/your/subfolder/assets.php';


display jquery link jquery($version = '3.2.1', $src = null)

echo jquery();
output => <script src=""></script>

you can overrite the jquery version like this:

echo jquery(2.0);
output => <script src=""></script>

or even a local version of jquery by providing a second parameter, the source of the file :

echo jquery(null, 'path/to/jquery.min.js');
output => <script src="path/to/jquery.min.js"></script>

similar function

  • fontawesome($version = '4.7.0', $href = null)
  • bootstrap_js($version = '4.0.0-alpha.6', $src = null)
  • bootstrap_css($version = '4.0.0-alpha.6', $href = null)

to include a font-awesome tag very easily just use this helper function :

echo icon('edit);
// output : <i class="fa fa-edit"></i>

echo icon('edit', 'span'); // to switch from 'i' tag to a 'span'
// output : <span class="fa fa-edit"></span>

to insert a image tag it's super easy img($src = null, $attrs = [])

echo img('profile.png');
// output : <img stc="profile.png" />

echo img('profile.png', ["class" => "rounded small", "id" => "profile"]);// if you want to add custom attributs
// <img src="profile.png" class="rounded small" id="profile" />

similar methods

  • css($href = '', $attrs = [])
  • less($href = '', $attrs = [])
  • js($src = null, $default = '', $attrs = [])
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