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MTPS Content Service usage example
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MSDN Helper

Syntax: MsdnHelper [AssetId] [Switches]

Connects to MTPS web service (MSDN database) and prints class names with their content identities. By default, only prints classes with no human-readable aliases defined. List of classes produced with this utility is used in ImmDoc.NET documentation generator:

AssetId is an optional asset identity to load TOC from. By default, MsdnHelper lists BCL classes for .NET Framework version 4.5.


  • /all — force MsdnHelper to list all BCL classes.
  • /skip:N — skip N top-level nodes.


List of .NET 4.5 classes

The complete list of .NET Framework 4.5 classes can be downloaded here:

It's a CSV list with two fields, class name and content id. Look up content id by class name, then use content id to create MSDN link for a class. For example:

  1. Class name: System.IDisposable
  2. Content id: aax125c9
  3. MSDN link:

How to load and index the CSV file:

using (var inputFile = File.OpenRead("ClassLibrary45.csv.gz"))
using (var gzip = new GZipStream(inputFile, CompressionMode.Decompress))
    using (var sr = new StreamReader(gzip))
        var data =
            from rawLine in sr.ReadToEnd().Split('\n')
                let line = rawLine.Trim()
            where !string.IsNullOrEmpty(line) && !line.StartsWith("//")
                let parts = line.Split(',')
            select new
                ClassName = parts.First(),
                ContentId = parts.Last()

        // class name -> content id
        var classes = data.ToDictionary(c => c.ClassName, c => c.ContentId);
        Console.WriteLine("{0} classes loaded.", classes.Count);
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