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Tiny unzip helper class for .NET 3.5 Client Profile and Mono 2.10, written in pure C#.
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This is a tiny (~300 lines with comments) self-contained Unzip helper class for .NET Framework v3.5 Client Profile or Mono 2.10. To use it, simply include Unzip.cs into your C# project or install Unzip package from Nuget:


using (var unzip = new Unzip(""))
	// list all files in the archive
	foreach (var fileName in unzip.FileNames)

	// extract single file to a specified location
	unzip.Extract(@"source\Zyan.Communication\ZyanConnection.cs", "test.cs");

	// extract file to a stream
	unzip.Extract(@"source\Zyan.Communication\ZyanProxy.cs", stream);

	// extract all files from zip archive to a directory


Full-featured libraries

  • SharpZipLib supports Zip, GZip, Tar and BZip2 archives. GPL. ~200k.
  • DotNetZip supports Silverlight and Compact framework, AES encryption. MS-PL. ~250-480k.
  • SharpCompress supports Zip, Gzip, Tar, Rar and 7z. MS-PL. ~440K.


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