Analytic funnels based on AppMetrica events
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AppMetrica Funnels

Funnels based on AppMetrica events.

How to use this image

To use this image you should generate OAuth token for AppMetrica Logs API. This token should be provided via environment variable TOKEN.

Also you should copy app's numeric IDs. You could find them in General Settings of your app ("Application ID"). All IDs should be provided as JSON-array via environment variable API_KEYS.

Start manualy

$ docker run -d --name clickhouse --ulimit nofile=262144:262144 yandex/clickhouse-server
$ docker run -d --name appmetrica-funnels --link clickhouse -p 5000:5000 -e 'CH_HOST=http://clickhouse:8123' -e 'TOKEN=YOUR_OAUTH_TOKEN' -e 'API_KEYS=["YOUR_APP_ID"]' yandex/appmetrica-funnels

More information about ClickHouse server image.

Start with Docker Compose

Download this repository and edit docker-compose.yml file with your Yandex OAuth Token and list of app IDs. Then run:

$ docker-compose up -d


Container exposes 5000 port for Web UI. Environment variables:

  • TOKEN - (required) Logs API OAuth token.
  • API_KEYS - (required) JSON-array of numeric AppMetrica app identifiers.
  • CH_HOST - host of ClickHouse DB to store events. (default: http://localhost:8123)
  • CH_USER and CH_PASSWORD - login/password of ClickHouse DB. (default: empty)
  • LOGS_API_FETCH_INTERVAL - Interval of time in seconds between events fetches from Logs API. (default: 43200 aka 12 hours)
  • LOGS_API_HISTORY_PERIOD - Days count for the first events fetch. (default: 30)
  • FLASK_PORT - Port for Web UI. (default: 5000)
  • PROCESSING_ROWS - Size of chunks to process. (default: 10000)


License agreement on use of Yandex AppMetrica is available at EULA site