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"""Cost-Sensitive Random Pair Encoding
import copy
import numpy as np
from joblib import Parallel, delayed
from sklearn.neighbors import NearestNeighbors
from .model_wrapper import DummyClf
from ..utils import seed_random_state
class CSRPE():
""" Cost-Sensitive Random Pair Encoding (CSRPE)
.. [1] Yang, Yao-Yuan, et al. "Cost-Sensitive Reference Pair Encoding for
Multi-Label Learning." arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.09461 (2016).
def __init__(self, scoring_fn, base_clf, n_clfs, n_jobs=1,
self.scoring_fn = scoring_fn
self.base_clf = base_clf
self.nn = NearestNeighbors(1, algorithm='ball_tree', metric='euclidean',
self.n_jobs = n_jobs
self.n_clfs = n_clfs
self.random_state_ = seed_random_state(random_state)
self.n_labels = None
self.clfs = None
def encode(self, X):
encoded = np.zeros((X.shape[0], len(self.clfs)))
for i, clf in enumerate(self.clfs):
encoded[:, i] = clf.predict(X)
return encoded
def train(self, X, y):
if self.n_labels is None:
self.n_labels = np.shape(y)[1]
self.clfs = [CLF(self.base_clf, self.scoring_fn,
rep_label=self.random_state_.randint(0, 2, (2, self.n_labels)))
for i in range(self.n_clfs)]
#self.tokens = np.vstack({tuple(r) for r in y})
self.tokens = y
Parallel(n_jobs=self.n_jobs, backend='threading')(
delayed(train_single_clf)(self.clfs[i], X, y)
for i in range(self.n_clfs)
def predict(self, X):
encoded = self.encode(X)
ind = self.nn.kneighbors(encoded, 1, return_distance=False)
ind = ind.reshape(-1)
return self.tokens[ind]
def predict_real(self, X):
return self.predict_dist(X)
class CLF():
dummy classifier interface to run CSRPE in parallel
def __init__(self, base_clf, scoring_fn, rep_label=None, random_state=None):
self.base_clf_ = copy.copy(base_clf)
self.base_clf = None
self.scoring_fn = scoring_fn
self.random_state_ = seed_random_state(random_state)
self.rep_label = rep_label
def train(self, X, y):
self.n_samples = np.shape(X)[0]
self.n_labels = np.shape(y)[1]
if self.rep_label is None:
self.rep_label = self.random_state_.randint(0, 2,
(2, self.n_labels))
score0 = self.scoring_fn(y, np.tile(self.rep_label[0], (self.n_samples, 1)))
score1 = self.scoring_fn(y, np.tile(self.rep_label[1], (self.n_samples, 1)))
lbl = (((score1 - score0) > 0) + 0.0)
weight = np.abs(score1 - score0)
if weight.sum() == 0:
weight = np.ones_like(weight)
weight /= weight.sum()
weight *= weight.shape[0]
if len(np.unique(lbl)) == 1:
self.base_clf = DummyClf()
self.base_clf = self.base_clf_, lbl, sample_weight=weight)
def predict(self, X):
return self.base_clf.predict(X)
def train_single_clf(clf, X, y):
clf.train(X, y)
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