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* Joseph Kocherhans
* Daniel Lindsley
* Jacob Kaplan-Moss
* initcrash for a patch regarding datetime formatting.
* maciekp.lists for a patch correcting URL construction.
* jarek & dekstop for a patch regarding sending Unicode documents.
* Tomasz.Wegrzanowski for a patch to enable document boosting.
* thomas.j.lee for a patch to add stats support.
* Chak for a patch regarding empty string being unnecessarily sent.
* james.colin.brady for a patch to enable working with the cores.
* anti-social for a patch on charset sending.
* akaihola for a patch regarding long queries.
* bochecha for various patches.
* stugots for an invalid character patch.
* notanumber for a field boosting patch.
* acdha for various patches.
* zyegfryed for various patches.
* girasquid for a patch related to server string.
* David Cramer (dcramer) for various patches.
* dourvais for a query time patch.
* soypunk for a debug patch.
* cordmata for a patch to handle how Solr 3.X returns suggestions.
* pabluk for Tika integration improvements.