Describe multi-step UIView animation sequences declaratively.
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Describe multi-step animation sequences declaratively.

Something like this:

CPAnimationSequence* shakespeare = [CPAnimationSequence sequenceWithSteps:
	[CPAnimationStep           for:0.2 animate:^{ self.romeo.alpha = 1.0;
                                                       self.julia.alpha = 1.0; }],
	[CPAnimationStep after:1.0 for:0.7 animate:^{
							CGPoint kiss = CGPointMake(( +,
													   ( +; = kiss; = kiss;
	[CPAnimationStep after:2.0 for:0.5 animate:[self dramaticDeathAnimationStep]],
	[CPAnimationStep           for:0.0 animate:^{ self.theEnd.hidden = NO; }],
[shakespeare runAnimated:YES];

I described the rationale and possible improvements on the compeople developer blog on Mobile Apps.


With the addition of CPAnimationProgram, you can now also run steps (and sequences, and programs) in parallel, or overlap steps (and sequences, and programs).

This is still somewhat experimental, so you might run into problems with particularly complex overlaps. It does seem to work well, though, so give it a try.

Composite pattern

The component implements the Composite design pattern, which means that you can nest sequences and programs as much as device memory and your sanity allow.


  • CPAnimationSequence uses ARC. If your project doesn’t use ARC, set the -fobjc-arc compiler flag on the CPAnimationSequence source files.
  • Deployment target iOS 4.3+ (The demo targets iOS 5.0, but is easily adapted for iOS 4.3).


Feel free to comment, fork, and submit pull requests!

Thanks for the contributions from:

  • Karsten Litsche
  • Matthew McCroskey
  • Stephan Diederich


Copyright (c) 2011–2012 compeople AG, 2013 Yang Meyer.

The CPAnimationSequence component is released under the MIT License.