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Improving Human Action Recognition by Non-action Classification
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This repository contains:

  • code for the CVPR 2016 paper

  • non-action shot classifier

    • shotCLF.mat
    • learned from ActionThread
    • only based on iDTD + FV, without using CNN features
    • only used [inShot, outShot, allVideo] to represent a shot, which doesn't affect the performance.
  • code for applying non-action shot classifier onto an entire episode

Usage (in Mac/Linux environment):

  1. Download this repository
  2. Download ActionThread using script
  3. Install Matlab dependences listed here
  4. Get C dependences using script, and compile them correctly. Also, Modify denseTrackBin in ./utils/Matlab/YW_IDTD.m to your own compiled binary.
  5. Follow the order here to repeat experiments
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