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Welcome to macOS-defaults 👋 status Documentation License: MIT Twitter: macos_defaults Twitter: _YannBertrand

Stability: 2 - Stable

defaults commands allow you to programmatically set System Settings of your Mac. 🤖⚙️🔧

An up-to-date list of macOS defaults commands with demos. ✨

Add a command

All the listed defaults commands are Markdown files stored in the docs folder. It is recommended to look at a few of them before proposing a new one:

Here are the mandatory infos to add a new command:

  • The defaults command's domain
  • The command's key
  • A neutral title
  • A simple description
  • Parameter type, and list of accepted values when applicable
  • Other command dependency
  • A scenario to test the command is still working
  • The corresponding option access from UI when it exists
  • At least two examples with a small text description
  • Ideally, an image or video for each example
  • Compatible versions it has been tested on

Some images and videos are built programmatically. Take a look at the record folder to find out how to record some. I will always prefer images and videos examples as they help maintenance a lot! Please consider it if you want to open a PR.

How to discover a defaults command

Using this bash script (bash ./, you'll be able to find out which key changed when you change a system or app settings.

After you find the key with your options, simply run defaults find ${keyname} to find the domain it is saved in.

macOS-defaults recorder 📷

Programmatically record a Mac screen with a predefined list of actions 📹.

The project also contains scripts that run desktop actions, take screenshots or record videos. The goal is to avoid having to manually recheck the status of commands with each new major version of macOS.

How does it work?

Take a look at the record folder if you want to go deeper.

macOS-defaults builder 🤖

This project used to help compare Static Site Generators (SSG). We now removed this part but you can still find an old comparison between a few of them (Docsify, Docusaurus, VuePress and GitHub markdown) in the project history.

Show your support

Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!

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