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Resizable split panes for Vue.js.
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vue-multipane npm tag

Resizable split panes for Vue.js.

Check out the live demo.


  • Uses CSS3 Flexbox.
  • Supports vertical & horizontal layouts.
  • Supports fixed and fluid panes.
  • Configure everything using CSS!


$ npm install vue-multipane

Using vue-multipane

First, import vue-multipane into your Vue component.

import { Multipane, MultipaneResizer } from 'vue-multipane';

export default {
  // ...
  components: {

Then, construct your split pane layout using multipane component.

  <div>Pane 1</div>
  <div>Pane 2</div>
  <div>Pane 3</div>

Customizing pane layout

You can customize pane layouts using CSS.

  • Create vertical/horizontal layouts using layout="vertical|horizontal" attribute.
  • Set initial pane size using width|height CSS property.
  • Set pane size constraints using min-width|min-height|max-width|max-height CSS property.
  • Create fixed/fluid combination panes by using px|% units.
  • Use flex-grow: 1 for that one pane that should take all remaining space available on the multipane container.

This example below shows a combination of different styling properties you can apply to make the panes render the way you want it to:

<multipane class="foo" layout="vertical">
  <div :style="{ width: '100px', maxWidth: '200px' }">Pane 1</div>
  <div :style="{ width: '25%', maxWidth: '50%' }">Pane 2</div>
  <div :style="{ flexGrow: 1 }">Pane 3</div>

Customizing resize handle

By default, vue-multipane creates an invisible 10px resize handle that sits in between 2 panes. You can customize the appearance of the resize handle to fit your needs.

This example below creates a 15px blue resize handle: .multipane-resizer {
  margin: 0; left: 0; /* reset default styling */
  width: 15px;
  background: blue;
} .multipane-resizer {
  margin: 0; top: 0; /* reset default styling */
  height: 15px;
  background: blue;

Optional resize handle

You can also add resize handle only specific panes by just adding <multipane-resizer> next it.

  <div>Pane 1</div> <!-- No resizing on Pane 1. -->
  <div>Pane 2</div> <!-- Resizing is possible on Pane 2. -->
  <div>Pane 3</div>


** Multipane **

Property Description Type Default
layout Determine layout of panes. String [vertical, horizontal] vertical


** Multipane **

Event Description Returns
paneresizestart When user clicks on the resize handle to start resizing a pane. pane, container, size
paneresize When user is resizing a pane. pane, container, size
paneresizestop When user release the resize handle to stop resizing a pane. pane, container, size


vue-multipane by Yan Sern licensed under MIT.

PS: I would love to know if you're using vue-multipane. Tweet to me at @yansernio.

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