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@jeefo jeefo released this
· 35 commits to master since this release

fix: game menus are still executed when yapb menu is showed (resolves #271)
fix: english template for deutsch translation
fix: bomb plant chat section is mistakenly assigned to kill chat section (resolves #281)
fix: replace the non-existent camp radiochatter sound (fixed #289)
fix: removed duplicate messages with cache points in console command (resolves #286)
fix: do not override other bots ping value (resolves #284)
fix: clear out graph editor upon player disconnect
fix: do not update pings for any players that are not yapb or real players (related #284)
fix: make bots reach the debug goal node (resolves #302)
fix: display message about missing camp points
fix: look straight when picking up the hostages (resolves #305)
fix: re-check ground weapon upon pickup to recheck weapon is nice to (resolves #301)
fix: prevent bots from staying forever trying to destroy breakable
fix: command menu drop command causes crash with thirdparty bots (resolves #309)
fix: print queue isn't resetted on changelevel (resolves #314)

add: add current map and current time to graph editing overlay
add: implement autosaving graph data (resolves #249)
add: option to disable autosaving (set yb_graph_auto_save_count to 0)
add: made terrorist more offensive and cts more defensive on es_ maps

graph: auto acquire editor rights via menu
graph: change outgoing path to white again (fix #277)

full changelog: 4.2.637...4.2.671