A Forensic Framework for Skype
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A Forensic Framework for Skype. Just type $ python SkypeFreak.py in order to run the application. The program resides in the source directory. Default run of the program produces the following output:

8      e   e  e    e eeeee eeee
8eeeee 8   8  8    8 8   8 8   
    88 8eee8e 8eeee8 8eee8 8eee
e   88 88   8   88   88    88  
8eee88 88   8   88   88    88ee
    8     eeeee  eeee eeeee e   e 
    8eeee 8   8  8    8   8 8   8 
    88    8eee8e 8eee 8eee8 8eee8e
    88    88   8 88   88  8 88   8
    88    88   8 88ee 88  8 88   8

[*] A creation of Osanda Malith & contributors
[*] Follow @OsandaMalith and @yasoobkhalid
[*] URL: http://osandamalith.github.io/SkypeFreak/

[~] What Do You Like to Investigate?                     
1. Profile
2. Contact
3. Calls
4. Messages
5. Generate Full Report
6. Print the list of contributors & exit
7. Exit

Select the option which you deem suitable for the given conditions. After that Skype Freak will perform the given task and will print the output to console and will ask you to write the extracted data to disk. If you would like to suggest any improvements then feel free to open a new issue.

The Freak series:

We are trying to develop some standalone forensic programs for various computer applications. These programs will be later joined together to make a single feature full forensic framework capable of analysing various computer applications. Currently the following programs have been developed but please keep this in mind that they are still in beta:


The program works with Python 2.6 upto 3.x Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X


  • Use optparse to get input
  • further simplify the code
  • Make a more usable API
  • Allow the export of data in csv form


You can contribute by adding any functionality from the TODO list and sending a pull request. We will take a look at your code and merge your changes.