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19 lines (16 sloc) 959 Bytes - records screencast, with audio from jack, to an uncompressed
avi file
screensave - records screencast with audio from jack, and webcam to another
file, both uncompressed
screencast - a wacky thing sending screencast with alsa audio to an icecast
server, taking various OSC messages to write text to different
parts of the screen. What I used for this: - sends contents of a file to screencast above, to go in the
subtitles area. I used this with irc log file to put chat
messages in the stream - mixes four videos into a split screen webm
Makefile - makefile for screensave and screencast
All rely on various bits of gstreamer, needs gst-launch and
the others need libgstreamer0.10-dev or similar, plus install all the
plugins for luck. Also liblo-dev